Let’s Make Inconsistent Golf The Outrage It Should Be!!!
Golf Techniques Have Changed Over The Years, But The Challenges Remain The Same, "How Do We Control That Little White Ball?"
Don't Read On If You Already Have A Consistent Golf Game

I am guessing that the reason you are here is because you've probably heard my remarkable story of how I went from first picking up a golf club to a 1 handicap within 24months. I then spent the next 25 years testing this philosophy not only on tours around the world but also amongst intense pressure situations, and in even more testing conditions, on the teaching tee.

Inconsistency would have to be the number 1 contributor for students seeking golf lessons. With the obscene amount of information available to golfers today on how to swing a golf club……. it's no wonder inconsistency is so rampant!

Why The Years Behind Me Have Put Me Years Ahead

Over the years I have heard so many conflicting methods on how to swing a golf club, all of which seemed plausible. However, what was practical seemed to be on the other end of the scale. I will show you why a single random golf tip may be beneficial to one person, but ruin another golfers game.

I have discovered these simple 7 steps that not only helped me reduce my handicap down in a ridiculous time frame, but also many other golfers from complete beginners to budding golf professionals.

My proven method of reverse engineering techniques utilizing your unique golf Swing DNA will not only have you playing your best, but playing your best consistently.

So on the next page are the details of absolutely everything I did – the 7 simple steps that will enable you to correct things when they go off track, become more consistent and help you reduce your handicap in a ridiculous time frame too.

My wish is that you'll take these steps and use them to improve your game remarkably. When you fill out your details in the boxes below, you'll be taken to a page with all the information you need to finally build consistency in your game so you can Out-drive, Out-putt and Out-score your competition.

Good Luck and see you on the inside!


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